Group Profile

Shandong Gaishi International Logistics Group is a large-scale enterprise which involves in logistics, electronic commerce, business trade, real estate four business fields and integrated as a core. The Group has been operating since 1998, and now become one of the Chinese largest comprehensive logistics park. At present, the Group's total assets has reached 21 billion yuan, covering 7,000 Mu(5,700,000㎡ ), room temperature storage area 1.5 million square meters, cold storage 300,000 tons, settled down more than 3,000 clients, and consisted of Jinan headquarters, Shandong Gaishi Guanwei, Shandong Gaishi Jibei three logistics bases. Among them, Jinan headquarter takes the advantages of road transportation which the Gaishi Jibei Close to the airport where links air transport; Gaishi Guanwei docking rail transport and seizing the chance of the provincial public construction of railway hub, formed a "three-zone Union, upgrading centralization, online and offline, highlighting main industry, integration development" good development situation.

In the aspect of development mode, the Group creatively explored and formed a unique operating model of logistics and market which was "one-stop operation" and "integrated development". "Commerce and logistics" superposition development provides important practical experience for China's logistics park construction and the development of modern logistics industry. Gaishi Group built a public logistics service platform, and formed a comprehensively outward competitive strength, which promoted as a "Trade Logistics Road Port" model enterprise in domestic scope by the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing Association, through the development of logistics and business trade platform, integrated the decentralized logistics and market resources, taken the information technology as means to form a smooth interaction between trade and logistics, thereby promoted complementary advantage and harmonious development of the entire logistics platform.

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