Electronic Business

Gaishi Group actively build electricity business logistics platform, now has two major E-business logistics platform:Agricultural Products Electronic Business, Gaishi Cloud Storage.

Agricultural Products Electronic Business
TianTianYouCai(Excellent Food Every Day), Shandong Gaishi International Logistics Group's electric business brand, which committed to provide one-stop, all categories, low-priced food procurement for small and medium catering businesses,it focused on the procurement needs of small and medium catering businesses, cut out the middle part, provide more cheaper raw materials to small and medium restaurants, provide for businesses Convenient from two aspects of low prices and home delivery.

Gashi Cloud Storage
Gashi Cloud Storage project started in 2014, set up 12,000 square meters specialized in warehousing base, being provided with an average daily processing capacity of 100,000 goods. It has been providing a refinement and integration of warehouse and distribution services to customers by a professional e-commerce third-party, helping customers reducing the costs of warehousing, Express and other operating, reducing operational risks, concentrating the limited resources on their core business.

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