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According to the development of modern logistics industry, the Group continue to explore the ideas that logistics and market advantages complement, each other promote development, the storage and transportation park as the basis, formation of the circulation the park, make full use of the storage and transportation park direct access to the major cities in the country's logistics channel, as well as logistics brought by the flow of people, capital flow, and information flow advantages, planning and construction of Jiajiagou integrated wholesale market group, present has been built in the small commodity market, hardware and mechanical and electrical markets, through the logistics and market advantages complement each other, and achieved good operational results and considerable economic benefits.

Combined with the actual situation of agricultural province, for the development of agricultural logistics and cold chain logistics, in 2004 the Group invested construction of Gaishi logistics farmers market, build one-stop purchase and transaction platform including aquatic products, tea, grain and oil, vegetables, drinks, agricultural products, In 2007, the Group planned to build 200,000 tons of cold storage, positioned to build the country the largest, best facilities, best service of modern agricultural products cold chain logistics platform. In 2009, the project ranked the first national low-temperature storage industry, become national food cold chain logistics sentinel contact enterprises.

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