Strategic Planning

    Facing the new development situation of the logistics industry, and the urban overall development goal of building regional logistics center in Jinan City, the Group has determined the new development plan, which takes the "Internet + Logistics Park" strategy as the core, promoting the logistics headquarters base, the electricity business logistics platform, cold chain logistics platform, public logistics information platform, bulk commodity trading center and other business plate construction to actively cultivate logistics industry Mak-er culture, build Group as regional logistics center and modern intelligent logistics park which foothold in the provincial capital city economic circle, services for all province and the surrounding area, facing the country and Northeast Asia.

    During the period of "13th Five-Year-plan", the overall planning of the Gaishi  Group is to build the province's integrated logistics hub with industry positioning being the integration of the first, second and third industries business services, scale positioning being the creation of the province's first hundred billion park; Brand positioning being the construction of efficient eco-logistics park to build international logistics headquarters base. In the next five years, the Group plans to invest total 5 billion yuan to realize the upgrading of the existing three major parks, "Internet +" strategy as the guiding core, building Gaishi logistics cloud services platform, comprehensive  create Gaishi Group big data system, provide reliable basis for Partner business development and the Government efficient decision-making.

    Logistics Park + Headquarters Base
    To build an international logistics headquarters base and enhance the image of Jinan northern portal. Through updated the center park and the constructed of Gaishi logistics building, it attracts Jinan and surrounding logistics enterprise headquarters, financial and insurance institutions, logistics enterprises of science and technology, business services institutions and other institutions settled, and becomes the most influential modern logistics headquarters base in Jinan, logistics enterprise incubation base and logistics science and technology innovation base.

    Internet + Information Warehousing
    Construct Jinan characteristics network warehouse business platform, with the Internet thinking to looks at development of the logistics industry, With the integrated electronic business logistics platform that forming by Jingdong Mall, Jiayou Home Shopping, HSTYLE, Haihong network delivery, Xinyi logistics, and other well-known electric business enterprises settled in the group, to promote the construction of Jinan characteristics network warehouse project platform, e-commerce and modern logistics integration, to form the coordinated development new advantages of the logistics industry and electricity, commerce, financial industry.

    Public Catering + Distribution Base
    Build the people's livelihood central big kitchen, form the whole industry chain. Take advantage of the Group's existing large agricultural logistics resources, to create current most distinctive theme and most large-scale central kitchen industrial park in the province. At present, the Group is negotiating with many chain catering enterprises in the province, to plan and build a central large kitchen base, the project will improve the efficiency of logistics and distribution, meantime, very likely promote food standardization, effectively solve the food safety problems in circulation.

    Modern Warehousing Services + Scenario Experience Trading
    To build an open warehousing service platform, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Jinan modern logistics business and create a new carrier platform, the group is promoting warehouse-style weekend stores, experiential display trading center, logistics theme park and other projects construction, and building context-aware and high-performance warehousing system and make the warehousing system into the value-added center.

    Internet + Logistics Park
    Developing and constructing the Gaishi cloud logistics service platform, the group comprehensively considerates the development ideas of "e-commerce + storage" and "Internet + logistics park", with the Group's large number of warehousing resources and settled customer's product resources, and devote to promoting informatization construction, develop and construct Gaishi cloud logistics service platform, making the park into an online cloud supermarket, as well as the car source, goods source and other logistics information integrated sharing platform, to achieve park appliances, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, fresh, frozen goods Product online sales and offline distribution, combined with the Group's future development ideas, to build Gashi logistics integrated electronic business sales platform.

    Cold chain Platform + Distribution Lines
    Establish cold chain warehouse and distribution integrated benchmark. Cold chain logistics has always been our short slab in Jinan’s logistics industry, the Group will use the existing 200,000 tons of cold storage resources, introduce of "Warehouse and distribution integration" mode, and develop cold chain logistics and distribution projects. Currently expanding less-than-truckload network transport mode, set up a number of cold chain logistics line in the province, and the next step will open up cold chain transport business of import and export products, taking the advantage of Jinan "dry dock" and docking with large sea ports and logistics enterprises.

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